Bhilwara Infotechnology Limited (BIL) is a part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group, which is one of India’s largest business conglomerates with combined annual revenues of 1.5 Billion. The LNJ Bhilwara Group has diverse interests in areas such as Power Generation, Graphite Electrodes, Sponge Iron and Textiles.

Bhilwara Infotechnology

  • Established in February 2000.
  • Foundation laid for the IT group established for LNJ Bhilwara Group in 1995.
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified on September 5th 2002.
  • Processes based on the guidelines of ISO 9001:2000 with CMM Level 5 Integration.
  • Most employees are IBM/Sun/Microsoft Certified.

Our Group

BIL is proud to be a part of the LNJ Bhilwara Group. LNJ is a professionally managed corporation that sets examples for each company within the group. With over 25,000 employees worldwide, we are one of the largest employers in India with sales in excess of 1.5 Billion.

LNJ is involved in a variety of projects, each of which has excelled in its own field. The list includes hydro-electric power plants, retail garments, graphite electrodes, sponge iron, information technology, power consultancy and financial services. Of these projects, LNJ successfully owns and operates six well known garment brands in different categories.

We inherit our customer care policy from our group. LNJ sets numerous examples in the area of customer satisfaction and taking that extra step which others may not. This philosophy combined with world class business management practices sets LNJ in a class of its own.

Apart from achieving and perhaps surpassing international standards on productivity, and human resources management, each group company has maintained the global vision of quality, people empowerment and above all, a genuine interest in raising standards.

Reinventing the wheel has never been a strong point with us. LNJ has associations with leading companies in different fields of expertise. These include Hydro Quebec of Canada, which is the world’s largest power company for hydro-electric power generation, Melba Industries of Australia and De Witte Linaer of Belgium for specialized Automotive fabrics and RSW International of Canada for power consultancy services.

LNJ is present in over 36 locations spread across India.

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